Signalanlagen / Signaling systems

For self builders:

The following articles can be obtained from us:

- for the Mono-Led traffic lights:

modules and power supplies (operated with the AVR-NET-IO)


The modules can be screwed on the rear or jammed using a front screen.

The dimensions of the modules are (L x W x H): 320 x 160 x 24 mm



P10 LED-Modul / Outdoor, Color red, yellow, green


Empty Housing 

Price incl. VAT

Empty Housing as Flightcase, see Description

699,00 €

Acryl Protection with Aluminum frame ,sealing rubber and assembly

119,00 €

Mono-Led Display's (for AVR-NET-IO)

P10 LED Outdoor Red (IP54) *

  36,50 €

P10 LED Outdoor green or yellow (IP54) *

  39,50 €

Netzwerk Prozessor (AVR-NET-IO) inkl programming AT-Mega Prozessor and

Adapterboard incl. 2 x 16 pol. Connectors (incl. 2 x 50cm Buskabel)

 172,00 €


Adapter board (active) , including level converters from 3.3V to 5V for Raspberry

2 x 20 pol. , 2 x 16 pol. plug incl. 2 x 50cm Datacable

  59,00 €


Power Supply

5V / 60A , 350W, Meanwell

 49,00 €

Plus once payment shipping .


To the o.g. There are no columns and magnets.

We always have enough tested LED modules and power supplies in stock. The power and data cables are provided free of charge.