Signalanlagen / Signaling systems

For self builders:

The following articles can be obtained from us:

- for the Mono-Led traffic lights:

modules and power supplies (operated with the AVR-NET-IO)


- for the full color Led traffic lights:

modules, power supplies, adapter boards (operated with Raspberry Pi B3), Raspberry, Cables

The modules can be screwed on the rear or jammed using a front screen.

The dimensions of the modules are (L x W x H): 320 x 160 x 24 mm



P10 LED-Modul / Outdoor, Color red, yellow, green


P10 SMD-LED-Modul Color Outdoor , Color: RGB




Mono-Led Display's (for AVR-NET-IO)

P10 LED Outdoor Red (IP54) *

36,00 €

P10 LED Outdoor green or yellow (IP54) *

39,00 €

Netzwerk Prozessor (AVR-NET-IO) inkl programmiertem AT-Mega Prozessor und

Adapterplatine (inkl. 2 x 50cm Datenbuskabel)

on request

RGB-SMD-Led Display's  (Full Color traffic light / Raspberry Pi)

RGB Full Color SMD P10 SMD Led Module 10mm Outdoor (IP65) *

49,50 €


Raspberry Pi® 3 Model B 1GB without Operating System

on request

Adapter Boards (saves filigree soldering)

Adapter board (passive) , 

2 x 20 pol. , 2 x 16 pol. plug incl. 2 x 50cm Datacable

on request

Adapter board (active) , 

including level converters from 3.3V to 5V

2 x 20 pol. , 2 x 16 pol. plug incl. 2 x 50cm Datacable

99,00 €

Operating System

16 GB Micro SD-Card for Raspberry incl. OS, Ready configured and ready for the 

Bow traffic light control operation 

Power Supply

55,00 €

5V / 60A , 350W, Meanwell

45,00 €

Plus once payment shipping DHL 8,00 € in Germany, to other Countries ask for cost.


To the o.g. There are no columns and magnets.

We always have enough tested LED modules and power supplies in stock. The power and data cables are provided free of charge.